We connect business with communities through education and experience. Our focus is on working with communities on regenerative tourism experiences that act as tools for personal and economic growth. 

for business


Our role is to connect and create: to build unique visitor experiences which make regenerative change to the environment, protect and revitalise local culture, and empower young leaders to become custodians of their land, ocean and traditions for the benefit of future generations. 

how it works

the benefits to business

Recognising that today's shareholders expect the companies in which they invest to be making a genuine effort to minimise harm and improve the communities and environments in which they operate.


Engaging with the community in which your business is located shows that you are connected to their culture and aware of the issues that impact them.


Employees want their values to be shared by their employer. They want to know that their company is advocating for the planet and all of its people. And, they want the opportunity to be a part of positive change themselves.


- DItO signature day experience 
- 10 participants
- Contribution to future leadership programmes

- Multiple community experiences
- Up to 30 participants
- Increased contribution to future leadership programmes




- A bespoke regenerative community experience
- Regenerative outcomes tailored specifically to the community you work in
- Increased contribution to future leadership programmes


- Ongoing bespoke DitO experiences
- In depth partnership, contributing to wide ranging regenerative community benefits
- Helping your organisation build community connections

our partnership options

There are many ways we can work together, from signature day experiences for your team to wider ongoing partnerships that are matched to the communities you are most connected to.

working with us

Our focus is on connecting businesses with communities through unique regenerative tourism experiences, where the visitor, through respectful, mutual interaction with the local community and environment, plays a part in an uplifting tourism experience that has wider, longer-lasting benefits. These benefits flow through to the environment, community and local culture, as well as providing an enriching, sometimes life-changing, experience for the visitor. 

Tourism that has the ability to make positive change