Post-Covid the world is seeing a shift, a desire to move towards regenerative tourism. This creates an opportunity for us to contribute our experience and connections to help others get involved.
We believe we can play a part in something bigger, for something local.

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A place which is treasured by those who live here and those who want to visit.

A purpose and a community led vision for the benefit of future generations.

People who care for each other and have a strong sense of community spirit.

We place our 'first drops' where there are

We connect business with communities through education and experience. Our focus is on working with communities on regenerative tourism experiences that act as tools for personal and economic growth. Our mission is to make a positive difference for the future. Integral to this is helping our partners develop youth leaders to continue and inspire generational change.

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New experiences are coming soon. or, contact us and we can build something exclusively for you.

Coming Soon...

Our first project, Manaaki Moana, is a partnership between environmental non-profit, Sea Cleaners and Piritahi Marae. 


Manaaki Moana 

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