DitO is part of The Walshe Group, founded in Auckland in 1976 with international tourism representation at its heart. Our whakapapa, or lineage, links back to the Celts, through our Irish born founder, Rodney Walshe. Our company DNA is heavily influenced by rich local heritage and culture and a strong connection to the land and ocean.

45 years experience
At the forefront of the tourism industry in New Zealand
and Australia


In 2018, Darragh Walshe approached environmental non-profit Sea Cleaners about a program to highlight the issue around plastics in our ocean. Sea Cleaners, with their unparalleled experience, expertise and drive helped develop a youth ambassador initiative that saw young change leaders travel to Hawai‘i. Initially from New Zealand, but expanding to include Australia and Japan.


DitO is the brainchild of Darragh Walshe whose work for Hawaii Tourism Oceania and personal passion for the environment led to its inception. DitO is also supported founding members, Jacqui Walshe (CEO, TWG), Nigel Bale (Partnerships Manager, TWG) and Jennifer Gaskin (Account Director, TWG). Together they have over a century of tourism and marketing experience and have worked for some of the most prominent destinations and airlines in the world. 

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